Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jewellery using just paper

image from Nel Linssen

I was trying to think of jewellery I can make now that all of my craft supplies are packed up. All I have available now is wrapping paper and tape. So my first port of call was Pinterest - a great source of inspiration. I have found some absolutely beautiful examples of paper jewellery. Most or even all are impossible to create with just paper and tape as I don't even have findings available to use just now but if I get a chance before our move I am going to set myself a challenge to make a piece of jewellery with just paper, scissors and tape!

In the meantime, I will soak up the above inspiration of jewellery made from paper. Any suggestions on what I could make?


  1. lovely. Pinerest can be very inspring...though it can also be distracting as you can lose track of time looking at all the fab ideas. I love what this Etsy Ireland shop does with paper:

    1. Those are lovely - some gorgeous colours :-) Have you heard of 31 bits? They sell jewellery made with paper beads bought from women in Uganda. It's marketed in a really fresh way.



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