Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Dylan's First Birthday Party

Last week was a busy week. We headed to Ikea in Edinburgh on Wednesday and Thursday to order a kitchen for our new house. I usually love a trip to ikea but this one was a little frantic. We took Dylan with us but he was sick and not on his usual top form. It also takes a long time to plan and order a kitchen when you have a sick baby needing your attention, so it's just as well we were in Edinburgh for two days and had a lovely B&B booked.

Friday was Dylan's birthday and we had a quiet day so Dylan could play after being stuck in his buggy for the previous 2 days and I could bake in preparation for his birthday party the next day. I made a carrot cake using my mum's recipe, it's really easy to make but took me a while because I haven't baked in so long. The recipe produces so much mix that I managed a big cake and 12 cupcakes.

I also made some ground almond cookies - they were bite sized because that is the size of the number 1 cookie cutter I found. On Saturday morning I went to town with the sprinkles, decorating the cake, cookies and making some marshmallows on sticks dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles.

I was really pleased with the outcome, it looked fab but I don't think I will be able to keep up that level of effort every year! 


  1. Oh your party baking looks gorgeous - I love the sprinkles, so happy! And the paper straws? Bliss! <3
    It's amazing the amount of work a kids party can take isn't it? I only made a big effort one year - the first year my eldest was in school. I cleaned and scrubbed and baked for days before, had streamers and balloons up, decorated the cake, everything. 2 hours (part of which I spent hiding in a corner) and 10 five year-olds later the house was trashed, cake mashed into the carpet and my sanity in tatters. They had a blast, but never again!
    So basically, this was probably the best year to make an effort, before they're too mobile! ;)

  2. Thanks Holly, I suppose this year was more of a party for the grown ups anyway! It was good fun though. As for the straws, I was going to order straws online but they are so expensive then I found some in the supermarket at Christmas time.


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